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Pantyhose Tales

Initial Review: 2007-01-19

Last Update: 2013-12-03

PantyhoseTales claims to offer the "Next Gen Panythose Videos" which I am not sure why. The videos are in great quality but in the same quality than the companies other sites.


  • Quantity
    13.0 / 15
  • Quality
    12.5 / 15
  • Update Freq.
    7.0 / 10
  • Exclusivity
    10.0 / 10
  • Entertainment
    8.0 / 10
  • Downloadability
    5.0 / 5
  • Extras
    2.0 / 5

Cost / Markup

  • Value/Money
    14.5 / 20
  • Markup
    0.0 / 5


  • Navigation
    2.5 / 5
  • Design
    2.5 / 5

Final Score


Out of 100


  • PantyhoseTales updates on time every week.
  • Video quality is very nice at 1280x720 (3000kbps).
  • Membership includes access to 16 other pantyhose sites.
  • Amount of videos available is not bad.
  • Updates on a weekly basis.
  • All the content is 100% exclusive.


  • No summaries or description of any of the pantyhose tale videos.
  • UPDATE (2013-03-19): Last update was made in October of 2012.
  • It would be better if the site has photo sets as well.
  • No alternative video options (videos are split into 4 parts, 60MB, 4 mins. each).
  • Conversations in the scenes are not in English.

Bottom Line

  • PantyhoseTales might be very interesting to you if you do not care that the movie talk is not in English. Otherwise both amount and quality of the content do not hinder a recommendation at all - quite the opposite is the case.

The Facts


Legs & Nylons

Secondary Categor(ies):

Hardcore, Fetish, Russian


Details: No recent updates.
Update Log: Yes

Join Options:

Credit Card, Check, 900 Number


$29.95 (1 Month, Recurring)
$74.95 (3-Months, Non-Recurring)


No DRM license restrictions.


No cross-sales.


455 video sets (avg. 15 minutes)
Downloadable: Y | Streams: Y | One-File Downloads: N | Multi-Bandwidth: N | Vid Caps: N
Average movie size: 60 MB (1 Part of 4 AVI)

Video Format(s):

WMV High: 1280x720, 3000 Kbps
AVI DivX: 640x480, 2072 kbps
Flash: 800x460, bitrate unknown

Video Skip:

Short buffer time.

Other Vid Details:

No music. Small watermark

More Content Details:

Content Rotation: No, true update schedule.
Download Limit: There appears to be no download limit.
Live Webcams: None
Condoms used in scenes: In some
Third Party / Bonus Content: None

Content Exclusivity:

100% Web-Exclusive

Download Speed:

120 KB/s (reviewers max: 527 KB/s / 4219 kbps).

Logging In:

Log in needs to be entered twice, Videos and bonus sites don't require re-entry of login info

Model Appearance:

Mostly white with a few ethnic women. Average age possibly in the mid-twenties. Body types range from thin to curvy.

Model info:

Model Index: No

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This Pantyhose Tales review is based on the facts / status when written /updated on 2008-08-05:

The Site
Pantyhose Tales believes that it belongs to the next generation of pantyhose sites. They offer what most web denizens and broadband worshippers are asking for and that's high quality videos that will justify their high speed connections.
As advertised, you expect outstanding videos with crystal clear picture and maximum resolution. PantyhoseTales videos feature top-notch fantasies for pantyhose freaks that can be burned into DVDs and be watched on the big screen.

- Pantyhose Tales updates on time every week. PantyhoseTales updates its video archive every 7 days. It adds one video set a week, so expect 4 new hardcore Pantyhose Tales material every month.
- Video quality is very nice at 640x480 (2000kbps). Pantyhose Tales claims to be the new generation pantyhose site and they deliver really nice quality at 640x480 with a bit rate of 2000 kbps. The pictures they offer are really nice as well having a 1000x1505 (High-Res) quality. Today's generation craves for these kinds of quality and Pantyhose Tales delivers.
- Membership includes access to 18 other pantyhose sites. If you become a loyal member the company will throw in 16 other sister pantyhose sites for you to access at no further charge. And if there are new ones developed they will be automatically included with the membership.
- Amount of videos available is not bad. As of this review, the video archive is already filled up with 259 videos already online and ready to be downloaded.
- All the content is 100% exclusive. The contents available in here are all exclusive, produced and shot by the company itself, Ferro Cash. They promised that it can only be seen on this site.

- Bonus Sites Not Immediately Included. There are 18 sites included along with this site when you remain a "loyal" member. You can opt to join Pantyhose Discount network, if you're not inclined to wait for the loyalty award, and get all 18 sister sites plus Pantyhose Tales for $84.95 for 30 days then $49.95 recurring every 30 days. It's quite expensive, but if you stay loyal for at least 4 rebills they will take $20 off and you get it for only $29.95. Pantyhose Tales can also be accessed with Shemale Discounts, Pantyhose Discounts, Fetish Discounts, Lesbian Discounts, Strapon Discounts, or Mature Today membership. If there are new sites already developed they will automatically be included with the membership.
- No summaries or description of any of the Pantyhose Tales videos. No details available on any of the scenes. It's quite disappointing not knowing anything about the videos available. You have to view them one by one to find out what the videos are all about. It wouldn't hurt if they would include some short info about the video being offered in here, or even a nice caption would do.
- It would be better if the site has photo sets as well. Yes, it would be great to include photo sets in here. There are a lot of people who love collecting images and having no pictures in Pantyhose Tales would disappoint these members a lot.
- No alternative video options. Unlike its other sister sites, PantyhoseTales doesn't offer one-file movie downloads at all. Videos are split into 4 parts, 60MB each with a 4 minute runtime each clip. I believe that including other video formats would be great. Video formats like WMV, MPEG1, RealTime, and Quicktime would be nice additions. Also Flash streaming is a great feature they can add as well.
- Conversations in the scenes are not in English. I didn't understand the conversations in here. I think the models are speaking in Russian or some Eastern European language. Members need English sub-titles for the videos or maybe dub this in english to make viewing more pleasurable.

Pantyhose Tales is a very interesting site except, of course, for the fact that most of us can't understand it. But if watching it in a different language is not much of a bother then I think you'd enjoy being a member of this site. I suggest that you try their 7day unlimited trial for only $7.95and see if you would like to go all the way.

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  6. Secretary Pantyhose - 77

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  8. Matures and Pantyhose - 75.5

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  10. Trans Pantyhose - 74

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Average Rating: 100.0 / 100