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Ladies Fuck Gents

Initial Review: 2007-01-19

Last Update: 2018-07-03

LadiesFuckGents features a unique niche, wherein a guy is fucked with a strapon from the opposite sex, watch and see how the men take it when they are on the receiving end.


  • Quantity
    12.5 / 15
  • Quality
    13.0 / 15
  • Update Freq.
    6.0 / 10
  • Exclusivity
    10.0 / 10
  • Entertainment
    8.0 / 10
  • Downloadability
    5.0 / 5
  • Extras
    2.0 / 5

Cost / Markup

  • Value/Money
    13.5 / 20
  • Markup
    0.0 / 5


  • Navigation
    2.5 / 5
  • Design
    2.5 / 5

Final Score


Out of 100


  • 4 new photo sets and video sets every month.
  • Video quality is very good, so is the photo quality.
  • Quite a lot of content already available.
  • Unique, all exclusive content.
  • Entertaining fetish content.


  • Ladies Fuck Gents sadly does not provide any scene descriptions.
  • No video options (all videos are split into 3-4 big parts).
  • UPDATE (2017-12-28): Update are slow and unpredictable.
  • If there is any talk in those movies it's in what I believe to be Russian.

Bottom Line

  • Do mind mind the content / actors being from Russia? Then Ladies Fuck Gents surely is not a bad option if you enjoy female on male strapon porn. With over a 100 episodes and an unlimited trial surely a good deal.

The Facts



Secondary Categor(ies):

Toys, Insertions, Bi-Sexual, Videos


Details: Erratic.
Update Log: Yes
Dated Content: Yes

Join Options:

Credit Card, Check, 900 Number


$7.95 (7-Day Unlimited Trial, recurs at $29.95)
$29.95 (1 Month, Recurring)
$74.95 (3-Months, Non-Recurring)


No DRM license restrictions.


No cross-sales.


319 photo sets (avg. 50 pictures)
Hi-Res: Y | Different Sizes: N | ZIP Files: Y | Slideshow: N
Image Resolutions: 1000x1505 (High Res)


189 video sets (avg. 15 minutes)
Downloadable: Y | Streams: Y | One-File Downloads: Y | Multi-Bandwidth: N | Vid Caps: N
Average movie size: 180 MB (1-File AVI)

Video Format(s):

WMV High: 1280x720, 3000 Kbps
AVI High: 640x480, 2000 kbps
Flash: 800x460, bitrate unknown

Video Skip:

Short buffer time

Other Vid Details:

No music. Small watermark.

More Content Details:

Content Rotation: No, true update schedule.
Download Limit: There appears to be no download limit.
Live Webcams: None
Condoms used in scenes: No
Third Party / Bonus Content: None

Content Exclusivity:

100% Web-Exclusive

Download Speed:

120 KB/s (reviewers max: 527 KB/s / 4219 kbps).

Logging In:

Log in needs to be entered twice, Videos and bonus sites don't require re-entry of login info

Model Appearance:

Mostly white with a few ethnic women. Age probably within 18-25 range. Body types range from thin to curvy.

Model info:

Model Index: No

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This Ladies Fuck Gents review is based on the facts / status when written /updated on 2008-08-04:

The Site
Ladies Fuck Gents is a site which focuses on reverse roles and femdom. Here, lovely models make men show their nice virgin asses and fuck 'em like hell with a strap on dildo. The pumpiní ladies are in sexy pantyhose as well, thus, interests of viewers is heightened.

- Very nice video & good photo quality. I enjoyed the 1505x1000 high-res quality pictures of pretty models fucking guys in the ass. Plus, the DVD quality videos they offer have a bit rate of 2000 kbps which is quite good. MPEG 4(DivX), Ladies Fuck Gent's main video format, is the new development in compression technology, and so far, it gives the best results for the size/quality proportions.
- Good Number of Content Available. Ladies Fuck Gents is already enjoying 135+ photosets with an average number of 50 pictures in each set giving it a total of 6100 images already online. There are already 109+ DVD quality video sets. I believe this is not a bad number for a 2 year old site.
- Unique, all exclusive content. The contents you see in here are all exclusive, produced and shot by the company itself. You won't find these on any other sites... except, maybe, on its other sister sites.
- Entertaining content. Though this niche is not my cup of tea, I admit that watching a bunch of weaklings being fucked in the ass by gorgeous models wearing a strap-on is fun. I wouldn't get caught in that situation, though.

- Slow Updates. LadiesFuckGents updates its videos once a month only with one video set. The picture content is much faster and gets updated every seven days, uploading 1 photo set a week.
- There are 8 bonus sites included in the network for loyal members. Bonus sites are only offered to loyal members. Meaning, you have to stay more than a month for you to get free access to 8 of its sister sites. Or you can opt to join Strapon Discount network and get all 8 sister sites plus Ladies Fuck Gents for $84.95 for 30 days then $ 49.95 recurring every 30 days. If you stay loyal for at least 4 rebills they will take $20 off and you'll get it for only $29.95. Ladies Fuck Gents can also be accessed with Shemale Discounts, Pantyhose Discounts, Fetish Discounts, Lesbian Discounts, Strapon Discounts, or Mature Today membership.
- No Descriptions. Ladies Fuck Gents sadly does not provide any scene descriptions. You have to watch the movie to know what it is all about.
- No video options. The quality of their main video format is great, but, including other video formats would be great as well. WMV, MPEG1, RealTime, and Quicktime would be a nice addition and Flash streaming is a great feature that they can add as well.
Newer videos can be downloaded as one-file movie, no videos in clips are being offered. The old videos, on the other hand, are split into 3-4 big parts and no one-file video download is offered. I wonder why they didnít just offer all movies in both one-file video and video clips options.
- Movies In Foreign Language. I really don't know what dialect the models are using, but I'm pretty much sure they are from Eastern Europe. Could be Russian... who knows? What I'm sure of is that I couldn't enjoy it fully for I can't understand a thing they're talking about. It would be great if there are some sub-titles or if they could dub the movies they offer.

Ladies Fuck Gents is a very interesting site as far as I'm concerned and recommending it is not the problem. Though I really wish that the dialogue could be understood by all. This will surely make Ladies Fuck Gents more enjoyable. At any rate, if you are sure this is the site for you, then knock yourself out. If you are not... I suggest you try their 7 day unlimited trial period for only $7.95, then you decide.

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