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Elizabeth Rollings

Initial Review: 2008-04-10

Last Update: 2008-04-23

Elizabeth Rollings, a pretty hot and pretty big redhead who loves to fuck men and women and masturbate, guarantees hours of fun for guys who prefer their women in bigger sizes.


  • Quantity
    5.0 / 15
  • Quality
    12.5 / 15
  • Update Freq.
    3.0 / 10
  • Exclusivity
    10.0 / 10
  • Entertainment
    8.0 / 10
  • Downloadability
    5.0 / 5
  • Extras
    3.0 / 5

Cost / Markup

  • Value/Money
    12.5 / 20
  • Markup
    0.0 / 5


  • Navigation
    3.0 / 5
  • Design
    3.5 / 5

Final Score


Out of 100
  1. BBW Porn Pass - 82

  2. XL Girls - 80

  3. Big Blowjob Chicks - 77.5

  4. Large Girls XXX - 77

  5. Thick N Busty - 77

  6. Video Fatties - 77

  7. BBB Fever - 76

  8. Sinful BBW - 75

  9. Chubby Loving - 75

  10. Plumpers And BBW - 74

  11. BBW Zine - 74

  12. Chunky Chicks 69 - 74

  13. Chubby Worlds - 73.5

  14. Plumper World - 73.5

  15. Curvy Kitty - 72

  16. Big and Brutal - 72

  17. Princess Lissa - 71.5

  18. BBW Hunter - 71

  19. Lingerie BBW - 70.5

  20. Busty Fat Babes - 69

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  • Everything is 100% exclusive.
  • Network access to 8 other great BBW sites.
  • Entertaining content.
  • Elizabeth is a gorgeous BBW with a smoking body.
  • Good quality videos.


  • Her journal was last updated on 2007-09-29 - very infrequent.
  • Unsure about future updates. Last recorded update was made on 2008-01-18 (at time of this review, 3 months without an update).
  • I would like the photos to be even higher quality (resolution wise).
  • Photo and video sets are posted on the same page (sucks when you click a thumb, expecting a hot video and you "only" get a photo set).
  • "Chat" only via her forum.
  • No Zip-files for photo sets.

Bottom Line

  • This one is mainly for fans of Elizabeth Rollings. While the content is entertaining and well shot I believe that you still need the other included bonus sites (which are bigger and updating weekly) to make this one worth the money for you.

The Facts



Secondary Categor(ies):

Individuals, Boobs, Brunettes, Hardcore


Details: Unsure schedule.

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Credit Card


$29.73 (1 Month, Recurring)
$49.73 (2-Months, recurs at $24.73 / month)
$65.73 (3-Months, recurs at $21.73 / month)
$99.99 (1 Year, recurs at $14.99 / month)


No DRM license restrictions.


32 photo sets (avg. 95 pictures)
Hi-Res: Y | Different Sizes: N | ZIP Files: N | Slideshow: N
Image Resolutions: 800x1200 (Hi Res)

contentCALC [?]:

As of today, 2024-02-28, there should be 878 photo sets available

contentCALC accuracy:

for this site is currently not available (too soon to verify accuracy).


33 video sets (avg. 10 minutes)
Downloadable: Y | Streams: Y | One-File Downloads: Y | Multi-Bandwidth: Y | Vid Caps: N
Average movie size: 250MB(1-File MPG), 200MB(1-File High WMV), 90MB(1-File Med WMV), 30MB(1-File Low WMV)

contentCALC [?]:

As of today, 2024-02-28, there should be 873 video sets available

contentCALC accuracy:

for this site is currently not available (too soon to verify accuracy).

Video Format(s):

WMV High: 720x480, 1.89 Mbps
WMV Medium: 720x480, 1.12 Mbps
WMV Low: 320x240, 464 kbps
MPEG High: 720x480, 1949 kbps

More Content Details:

Condoms used in scenes: In some
Download Limit: There appears to be no download limit.
Download Speed: 370 KB/s (reviewers max: 527 KB/s / 4219 kbps).
Content Exclusivity: Main content is advertised as being 100% exclusive.
Third Party / Bonus Content: Members Forum, Journal, Behind-the-scenes videos (5).

8 out of 25 available features shown.

Video Review is N/AShow / Hide the Members Area Screenshot Launch the Gallery Console

The other company sites:

The Site
ElizabethRollings is the personal site of a classy but nasty BBW pornstar Elizabeth Rollings. She loves showing her 44DDDs off and that’s not all she’s willing to show you. Inside, you’ll see lots of hot and sexy pictures and videos of her masturbating and also having sexual activities with others.
Elizabeth Rollings is a 5’3” big breasted slut, with beautiful Hazel/Green eyes. She loves Indian and Italian food and her favorite color is Garnet. Her favorite sexual position is the COWGIRL. (Yeehah!)

- Everything is 100% exclusive. Yes, folks! You can only see it here. Videos and pictures are specially dedicated to Elizabeth's fans.
- Entertaining Content. The videos are quite entertaining, she's one naughty fatty with a real hot pussy. She'll do it with anybody, men or women, as long as they can quench her thirst for sexual pleasures.
- Good Quality Videos. Members have different options for downloading a movie. They can have in WMV High (720x480, 1.89 Mbps), Medium (720x480, 1.12 Mbps), and Low (320x240, 464 kbps). Members can also watch it through streaming with a resolution and bit rate of 720x480, 1949 kbps (High).
- Gorgeous Model. For a skank on the heavy side, Elizabeth Rollings is quite a looker. She's got pretty freckled face and a nice stunning Hazel/Green eyes. Her boobies are enormous enough, her biggest asset that she's proud to share.
- Network access to other 8 great BBW sites. Included with the membership are other great sister sites of ElizabethRollings. The following are: Plumper TV, Big Blowjob Chicks, Big and Brutal, Chocolate BBW, BBW Zine, Kelly Shibari, Princess Lissa, and BBW Porn Talk. All supersized porn!

- Infrequent Journal Update. Her last journal update was on 2007-09-29, it's either she got tired of writing or there's nothing to write about her life. Either which she needs to update this or her fans will feel left out.
- Unsure about future updates. It's hard to predict when will their next update be. It's like they do updates when they just feel like it. Last recorded update was made on 2008-01-18 it's already 2008-04-21 it's been 3 months and they still don't have an update. This is not good!
- Images resolution could be better. Image resolution is good, but it could be better. Photos are presented in 800x1200 (High Res) not bad, but there are higher quality and that's what I want ElizabethRolling to have.
- Photo and Video sets are on the same page. Photos and videos are on the same page. That's why it sucks to see only images when you want to watch a movie and seeing that only movies were offered when you want to have some pictures of that particular content.
- Chat Only Via Forum. Yes, you get to chat with her, but chatting via forum is not exactly an ideal form of interaction with Ms. Rollings. Web Cam is still the best. Besides, it's hard to know if it is really Elizabeth who's answering your questions or flirting with you in the forum.
- No Zip Files for Photosets. Unfortunately, ElizabethRollings doesn't have this feature. Downloading her pictures one by one is a burden. It would be very nice to have a one-time-downloading of photosets.
ElizabethRollings was specially made for this pornstar’s fans. She’s good and gorgeous and her content is both entertaining and are well shot. I just felt that without the other 8 BBW sites, it’s not worth spending ones hard earned money on this site alone. Having those other 8 sites included in the membership I believe you get a good value ElizabethRollings.

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Review Log:

2008-04-23: Elizabeth Rollings review now available.
2008-04-14: ElizabethRollings.com added to database, Quick Facts added, Sample Elizabeth Rollings galleries added, contentCALC activated.
  1. BBW Porn Pass - 82

  2. Big Blowjob Chicks - 77.5

  3. BBW Zine - 74

  4. Big and Brutal - 72

  5. Princess Lissa - 71.5

  6. Kelly Shibari - 68.5

  7. Chocolate BBW - 67

  8. Plumper TV - 67

  9. Elizabeth Rollings - 65.5

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Votes: 5

Average Rating: 83.0 / 100