The Training of O review

The Training of O

Initial Review: 2007-04-20

Last Update: 2018-04-09

TheTrainingofO shows you how the Kink people train a woman to become a submissive slave thanks to a 4-day training session where they are bound, flogged, blindfolded, and violated from both ends just to name a few.


  • Quantity
    10.5 / 15
  • Quality
    14.0 / 15
  • Update Freq.
    7.0 / 10
  • Exclusivity
    10.0 / 10
  • Entertainment
    8.0 / 10
  • Downloadability
    5.0 / 5
  • Extras
    3.0 / 5

Cost / Markup

  • Value/Money
    14.5 / 20
  • Markup
    0.0 / 5


  • Navigation
    3.0 / 5
  • Design
    3.0 / 5

Final Score


Out of 100


  • Site steps out of the traditional BDSM-niche and takes it one step higher (exclusive sets show a progression as they continue).
  • Progress reports can be found for each set (how the model is improving, her strengths / weaknesses & the particular goal).
  • Variety of torture devices used (bull whips, ropes, gag balls).
  • Videos and photos don't get repetitive.
  • High and low resolution photos available.
  • Very good download options (offering all the important options).
  • Very entertaining, unique and well shot episodes.
  • Best possible BDSM settings (San Fran's Armory).
  • Beautiful models - well selected.
  • Site updates once a week.
  • Bonus access to 25+ sites included.


  • UPDATE (2016-12-29): Updates have become erratic in the past couple of months.
  • Site design could use some work.

Bottom Line

  • The Training Of O, as are all recent Kink sites, is incredible nicely done. While, when initially reviewed, still a very small site, it is now big enough to give this one a clear: YES, go for it.

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Fetish, Reality, Hardcore, Videos


Details: No recent updates.
Update Log: Yes
Dated Content: Yes

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Credit Card, Check, Postal Mail


$24.91 (Monthly, Recurring)
$44.91 (3 Months, Recurring)
$34.91 (2 Months (Recurring))
$74.91 (6 Months, Non-Recurring)
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$44.91 (3-Months:, recurs at $19.91 / month)
$74.91 (6-Months:, Non-Recurring)


No DRM license restrictions.


No cross sales.


551 photo sets (avg. 300 pictures)
Hi-Res: Y | Different Sizes: Y | ZIP Files: Y | Slideshow: N
Image Resolutions: 533x800(Standard), 800x1200(Hi-Res)


551 video sets (avg. 80 minutes)
Downloadable: Y | Streams: Y | One-File Downloads: Y | Multi-Bandwidth: Y | Vid Caps: N
Average movie size: 170 MB (1/6-File HD WMV), 85 MB (1/6-File High WMV), 320 MB (1/6-File High MPEG 4), 100 MB (1/6-File Low MPEG 4)

Video Format(s):

WMV HD: 1280x720, 1.62 Mbps
WMV High: 960x540, 984 Kbps
Flash: 722x404, bitrate unknown
mp4: 1280x720, 3000 Kbps (HD) / 640x360, 861.76 Kbps (small screen)

Video Skip:

Can jump ahead immediately with an average of 3 seconds buffer.

Other Vid Details:

Medium-sized watermark Smooth Flash Player.

More Content Details:

Content Rotation: No rotation.
Download Limit: No download limit
Condoms used in scenes: In some
Content / Model categorization: by name, by number of shoots, by latest performance

Content Exclusivity:

100% Exclusive

Download Speed:

520 KB/s (reviewers max: 527 KB/s / 4219 kbps).

Logging In:

Only log in required. Content doesn't require re-entry of login info. Not saved after browser was closed.

Model Appearance:

Mostly white. Mix of pros and amateurs. Ages 18-25. Thin to curvy body types.

Model info:

Model Index: No

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This The Training of O review is based on the facts / status when written /updated on 2008-07-29:

The Site
The Training Of O is a site that trains models into slaves. It is a hardcore BDSM site that would surely make some ordinary people's jaws drop! The Training Of O is brought to you by and TTOO is one of its newer sites since it was launched in 2007.

- Site steps out of the traditional BDSM-niche and takes it one step higher. Exclusive sets show a progression as they continue. Progress reports can be found for each set (how the model is improving, her strengths / weaknesses & the particular goal).
- Site updates come in regularly. Members would appreciate very much the fact that this site updates its contents religiously. It updates once a week so you get a total of 4 new videos and 4 new photo sets every month.
- High and low resolution photos available. Here you can choose to download either high or a low resolution pictures. You can actually download both types of resolutions if you want. You can choose between a 530x800 (Standard) quality or 800x1200 (High Res) quality.
- Very entertaining, unique and well shot episodes. The episodes they have are very nice and well shot. They have selected really beautiful models and their locations/settings enhance the BDSM feel. They also use various torture devices, torture techniques, and menacing toys.
- Very good download options (offering all the important options). I particularly liked the download options they offer. Members can download their chosen movies in WMV HD, HD (mp4), WMV and iPod (mp4).
- Bonus access to 11 sites included. Being a member of this site also gives you access to sites such as Kink, Behind Kink, Kink Forum, and Free Hardcore.

- Site design could use some work. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with the design but it could use some search/browse features to locate a particular content easily.
- No option to download full movies. Actually, there is, but you will have to download all clips in .zip format first. So, technically it is still not a full movie. You just downloaded the video clips in bulk through .zip file format. And you still have to extract the movies first before you can watch 'em.
- Including TTOO's Other Sister Sites In The Membership Would Be Great. TTOO doesn't include free access to its sister sites. And it has equally great sister sites with the same BDSM theme such as Kink On Demand, Hog Tied, Fucking Machines, Whipped Ass, Wired Pussy, Men In Pain, Water Bondage, Ultimate Surrender, Sex And Submission, Device Bondage, and TS Seduction. If you are a member of TTOO and you decide to get membership of any of its sister sites you will get a $10 rebate and get the site you want to get for only $19.95. If you are not a member of TTOO, you can only avail the other sites at its full price of $29.95.

For hardcore BDSM fans, I believe The Training Of O is a site you will surely enjoy. It's quite disappointing that some of its sister sites are not included with the membership and you still have to pay for them to access it. However, with TTOO alone you would already enjoy what it offers. Let's just cross our fingers that they would include the other sites with the membership in the near future. So go ahead, have fun!

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