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Cum Brushers

Initial Review: 2007-01-05

Last Update: 2009-08-14

Cum Brushers features general hardcore sex ending in girls not just swallowing the cum but brushing their teeth with it.


  • Quantity
    14.0 / 15
  • Quality
    12.0 / 15
  • Update Freq.
    7.5 / 10
  • Exclusivity
    10.0 / 10
  • Entertainment
    8.0 / 10
  • Downloadability
    5.0 / 5
  • Extras
    3.5 / 5

Cost / Markup

  • Value/Money
    16.5 / 20
  • Markup
    0.0 / 5


  • Navigation
    3.5 / 5
  • Design
    3.0 / 5

Final Score


Out of 100
  1. Cum Brushers - 83

  2. Load My Mouth - 82

  3. Jizz Mouth Wash - 78.5

  4. Monster Loads - 78

  5. 10-Man Cum Slam - 76

  6. Trixie Swallows - 75.5

  7. No Cum Dodging Allowed - 74

  8. Sperm Cocktail - 73.5

  9. The Sperm Lover - 73

  10. Cumshot Oasis - 72

  11. Nut In Her Mouth - 71

  12. Sperm Swallowers - 70

  13. The Big Swallow - 69.5

  14. Sperm Blasters - 69.5

  15. Euro Babe Facials - 68.5

  16. Swallow Me POV - 68.5

  17. First Time Swallows - 66

  18. LOL Cumshots - 65.5

  19. POV XXX - 65

  20. Gobble My Goo - 63.5

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  • All content is 100% exclusive.
  • Updates arrive in 3-4 days, which is very frequent.
  • Many nice video options (1 file downloads, different sizes, formats, ...).
  • A nice amount of updates available already.


  • Scenes feature different main niches, the ending is always cum brushing though.
  • Download options could be more advanced.
  • Video quality could be further enhanced.

Bottom Line

  • With the current content count in mind it does not matter that CumBrushers is no longer doing daily updates. If you are into this rare niche (which I have not seen anywhere else) then this is a no brainer, despite the few downsides.

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Condoms used in scenes: No
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Content Exclusivity: Everything is 100% exclusive.
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This review is based on the facts / status when written /updated on 2007-02-19:

The Site:
What's thick, white and comes out of a tube?
Clue: You can brush your teeth with it and, NO, it's not toothpaste.
Give up? The answer - and the subject of this review - is to be found at CumBrushers. The featured fetish being that each girl is given a toothbrush and expected to brush her pearly-whites using the thick white cum conveniently deposited across her face toward the end of each episode as toothpaste. Being messy stuff which has a tendency to land anywhere during these guys' uncontrollable orgasmic spasms - especially if Pedro the amputee is off- balance - she's also given a spoon to scoop it up with and the guys are more than willing to lend a helping hand to make sure she doesn't miss a drop. These girls can expect to get every cavity filled - guaranteed.

The Content:
To be fair, we're not talking about the most beautiful babes in the world here but with over three hundred models, there's definitely something to suit all tastes. The vast majority of the girls are picked up from central and South America so the high proportion of Latinas is to be expected but they're all young, highly watchable and game for anything. If big tits are your thing, you're in for a special treat; there are hooters on this site that surpass imagination - come to think of it, the entire network of sites you get access to surpasses imagination. With well over 300 female models there's a lot of choice. They've got blondes, brunettes, tall, short, shaved, trimmed, natural, tattooed, pierced, nice/nasty, pretty/plain but they've all got one thing in common, their teeth are clean.
Some obviously like what they do, some clearly love what they do and others seem bemused by it all, "my God, I can't believe I'm sucking this little midget's cock", says one in a moment of genuine honesty. Cumbrushers update every day - I've checked back over the year or so of operation and can confirm that this not a false claim. So far as I know, the site updates more than any of its competitors, including BangBros, which means a virtually unlimited supply.
This is an extremely easy site to navigate - three clicks and the movie's started. There is a choice of embedded Windows Media Player, or Quick-Time format in both high and low definition. Each 'episode' consists of 4 or 5 scenes which can be viewed as a stream or downloaded to your hard drive. There's no time limit and no bandwidth restriction and the server speeds are generally very good although you really need to be capable of download speeds in excess of 60KBps for uninterrupted streaming.
You can navigate by site then episode or you can start at the Model Directory Page and follow your chosen one's career as she cavorts through whatever scenes the guys line up for her. In addition, each episode has an album of screen shots which are a great way to review the episode before deciding to view it. Low res appears in a 445px x 420px frame which is enough to still look OK if zoomed up to full-screen size. High res appears in a window the same size but the detail is much better - approaching DVD quality. Sound quality is very good and there's very little muzak, the producers preferring to offer real-time dialogue, including the instructions given to the performers: "Grab her hair and force more of your cock in her mouth.....more, she's taking it OK.....good!". This is reality porn at its best. No script and no pretense. It's no secret that the girl is getting paid for her part and only the outcome is predetermined. We know that the guys are going to fuck and the girls are going to floss but we don't know what other pranks they'll get up during the 30 to 40 minute journey to the end of the reel.
CumBrushers is billed as down and dirty - nasty sluts getting their holes filled - and features perhaps the oddest array of characters in one place but the object is not to shock, the emphasis is clearly on fun.
Throughout the scenes, the girls - most of whom know very little English - are spoon fed corny dialogue in much the same way they get spoon fed creamy duff at the climax - badly.
"Come on babe say, 'Look at me Daddy'....."
"Luk a mae......Dae Die"
"........I'm sucking cock"
"I sook-a cack! (giggle-giggle)"
Maybe the English tuition needs some improvement but it has its engaging moments.
Another oft-repeated trick is to write on 'I luv cum' or a similar meaningful phrase on the girls' forehead or across her tits, sometimes in lipstick or, if she's really unlucky, in felt tip pen. It makes for a nice publicity photo and the girls don't seem to mind.

The Criticism:
IncrediblePass is put over as a collection of 11 sites (with another due to be added soon) but it's perhaps better described as one huge fetish-reality site with 11 different entrances of which access to CumBrushers is just one. The male performers appear on all the sites so if you join CumBrushers you'll see a lot of Baby Gangster (the Midget) and Pedro (the Amputee) as well as all the others. Similarly, many of the girls can be seen on more than one site (very few only perform once and quit while they're ahead). There is a steady turn-over and plenty of fresh talent but it also means that someone you've seen before may crop up unexpectedly in another episode which all adds to the interest.
As mentioned above, there aren't many beauty contest candidates in the model ranks but there aren't many dogs either and reality sites work best with 'real' folks.

The Conclusion:
For me the most attractive feature of this megasite is that it really is a team effort and after only a few visits you start to feel that you are getting to know these characters. You very quickly begin to feel that you've actually joined something rather than just paid money to access a reserved area, it's a feeling of being a part of it. It's very easy to get hooked on watching these guys' exploits and wondering what they will get up to next. This addictive, soap opera quality with larger than life characters and the constant supply of new, if not always 'fresh', starlets ensures that each episode is different from what's gone before. Add to that the fact that the site updates daily and you have a package that takes some beating. My package certainly took a lot of beating over the four or five days it took me to look around. Last but not least do not forget the special price you get when coming from our site. 9.95 for all those sites you get access to is really good and well worth the money. Think about it. Whatever, enjoy.

....and don't forget your toothbrush!

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Review Log:

2009-08-14: Quick Facts updated, contentCALC activated.
2008-10-15: Quick Facts updated, ContentCALC deactivated.
2007-02-19: Quick Facts updated, ContentCalc activated.
  1. Incredible Pass - 85

  2. Big Tits Curvy Asses - 81

  3. Midget Cum - 81

  4. The Boss XXX - 80

  5. The Amputee - 79.5

  6. Mom's A Cheater - 79

  7. Human Toilet Bowls - 79

  8. Arab Street Hookers - 78

  9. I Love Black Cum - 78

  10. White Dicks in Black Chics - 75.5

  11. Black Booty Invasion - 75.5

  12. Latin Booty Girls - 75.5

  13. Coeds Love Big Dicks - 75.5

  14. RockStar Pimp - 72

  15. Daddy I'm A Whore - 68.5

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